BPL in the news

Andre Kesteloot andre.kesteloot at verizon.net
Fri May 27 22:11:15 CDT 2005

Richard Barth wrote:

> The response to that newsletter item has been so overwhelming (and
> almost 100-percent against BPL), that I apologize to all those
> readers/writers who I may not have been able to respond to personally
> with a return note. Your interest as readers has made it clear that a
> larger, more-comprehensive report on BPL is in order, and will be
> presented in either the July or August issue of the parent publication
> Microwaves & RF. Plans are being made to visit with the ARRL as part of
> this report, and the story will highlight the negative aspects of BPL as
> well as some encouraging details from a recent Motorola launch (see the
> news below). 

wow, great find   :-)
Thanks Dick.
André N4ICK

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