ARRL Field Day 2005

Alex Fraser beatnic at
Sat Jun 11 08:35:04 CDT 2005

Channels 1 ~ 6 of your  802.11 internal logging lan fall in the ham 
band. If you ID in any mode including within the traffic being sent then 
you can consider these devices are operating as ham radios.  So far 
there are no rewards (extra points) for doing this and the sites I have 
visited almost always work under part 15 rules. I have suggested to the 
ARRL that a good reward for an internal all ham radio logging network 
would be the elimination of the physical boundaries of the FD site.  A 
good reason for this is your current planned FD set up. Why  park a 
beautiful mobile unit next to a tent?  The rules should allow you to 
move the van to all the shopping centers (or libraries or what ever!) 
and still allow you to operate with VWS as one site.  Also scoring 
should be real time!
Please take a look at my dog eared site for proposed FD rule changes.
And what a MESH we should make!

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