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Wed Jun 15 16:55:00 CDT 2005

Good afternoon Tacoistas!
As most of you are probably aware, there is an ongoing tug of war between users/prospective purchasers of older HP/Agilent equipment, and the company itself. Agilent do not keep manuals for their retired products. 
Agilent's legal department have also been frowning on any attempt by enthusiasts to create a resource or database of scanned manuals, and also frowning on sharing manuals between enthusiasts.
In a marvellous about-turn, Agilent have now decided to actively put together a resource center for all their retired equipment. They have published a list of the equipment they are trying to collect manuals for !   The list is at
If you look over the list and see that you have manuals for any of the wanted stuff, you might consider putting the manuals aside, or perhaps joining the "Manual_Exchange" Yahoogroup, and make it known that you have them. 

There's no payment involved or offered. But for a sense of satisfaction, you would help contribute to a worthwhile effort to keep some of the boatanchors in circulation, and in good repair.
If you have any questions on this topic, feel free to contact me and I will attempt to answer your questions.
Best wishes,
Iain McFadyen    KI4HLV

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