Non-traditional Modes demonstration for Field Day

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Mon Jun 20 15:52:15 CDT 2005

Hello Tacoistas!
Due to one of the VWS members being out of the area, we will not have SSTV demonstration for Field Day. Therefore we are looking for another non-traditional mode other than APRS and ATV
If you have any ideas, or have suitable equipment sitting on a bench,... please let me know!
WINLINK has been mentioned as a possibility. Packet radio as another. I'm sure there are a large number of construction projects which are taking up shelf space which would qualify:...
Spread Spectrum? 
Here's the text of the message from Pete, KG4OJT:
We need demonstrations of non-traditional modes of operation for Field Day.
In the past couple of years, we've demonstrated APRS and ATV.  Last year Jim
Nagle also demonstrated SSTV, but Jim is up in Canada now and won't be at
Field Day.

I'll see what I can to do demonstrate APRS and ATV again, but we really need
a third mode to demonstrate.

Do you know of another non-traditional mode we can demonstrate at Field Day?

Here are the rules regarding non-traditional modes:

7.3.10. Non-Traditional Mode Demonstrations: A maximum of 300 bonus points
(100 points for each
demonstration up to three) for setting up a demonstration of a
non-traditional mode of amateur radio
communications. This includes modes such as APRS, ATV, and SSTV. This bonus
is not available for
demonstration of a mode for which regular QSO credit is available, such as
PSK31. A portable packet system may be included as one of the
demonstration modes. This system must include a temporary, portable node and
must be completely separate from the existing packet infrastructure of your
area. Demonstration modes may not include communications carried
outside of the amateur radio
spectrum (such as Internet relay). Frequency bands, such as 10 GHz are bands, not modes of
communications and do not qualify for the demonstration mode bonus.

Thanks and 73,

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