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>The next meeting of the Vienna Wireless Society will take place this
Friday, June 24, at our Field Day site—Burke Lake Park on Route 123 south
of Fairfax.  
>Lots of folks will be headed that way in the mid-afternoon to get a head
start on set-up (the rules say it’s kosher after 2:00 pm), so feel free to
join us whenever you can.  President Tom N4ZPT plans to hold a short biz
meeting around 7:30 pm.  
>As Burke Lake is a bit beyond the comfortable range of the club’s
repeater, your best bet is to monitor 146.79(-) for chatter and talk-in help.
>Note that we will relocate to our temporary home—the basement of the
Vienna Community Center—for the meetings of July 8 and 22, and August 12.
Our annual dinner at Wu’s Garden is August 26.
>The logistics of Field Day appear to be in place.  All we need are folks
to actually operate the stations.  Once the bands spring into action at
2:00 pm Saturday, there’ll be something for everybody—CW, SSB, digital, HF,
VHF, and who knows what else.  Not ready to jump in the contest-style
pileups?  Logging contacts is a great way to see how it’s done.  (And with
the automated logging programs, it’s a breeze.  What a wonderful world this
>And to top it off, you get a full weekend of that good food and that good
ol’ VWS fellowship.  It don’t get no better than that.
>If Field Day doesn’t satisfy your appetite for operating, remember that
the VWS 10 meter Pow Wow Net meet every Thursday at 8:30 on 28.444 MHz.
There’s also the weekly 2m net on the 146.685 repeater Mondays at 8:00 pm,
and the VWS Digital Net Tuesdays at 8:00 pm on its summer home of 3.578MHz
USB with a 1500Hz offset.  That net usually starts with PSK31, but often
will switch to other modes depending on the wishes/whims of the folks present.
>And don’t forget the weekly Tuesday lunch, 11:30 am at Neighbor's
Restaurant, at the corner of Park and Cedar Streets in Vienna. 
>Enhanced courtesy of AE4R
>July 24
>BRATS Maryland Hamfest and Computer Fest
>(formerly "Little Timonium")
>Howard County Fairgrounds
>West Friendship, Md. 
>August 7
>Berryville, Va.
>Home of the big trees and famous barbecue
>August 14
>Carroll County Tailgate-Fest
>Westminster, Md. 
>September 10-11
>Montgomery County Fairgrounds
>Gaithersburg, Md. 
>October 30
>Mason-Dixon Hamfest
>Westminster, Md. 
>Meetings of the VWS Board of Directors are open to all, and all are
welcome.  The Board meets the 1st TUESDAY of each month at Neighbors
Restaurant in Vienna. Meetings begin at 7:00 pm.  Give a call on the
146.685 repeater if you need help getting there.
>Looking for information about the VWS?  Look no further.
>Tom Azlin N4ZPT - President, Director
>tom at
>Jim Parsons W4JTP - Vice President, Newsletter Editor, Media Representative
>W4JTP at
>Ray Albers K2HYD - Secretary
>albersrs at
>Pete Norloff KG4OJT - Treasurer, Director
>kg4ojt at
>Alan Bosch KO4ALA - Director
>labosch at
>Jim Richey AG4MA - Director
>jimrichey2 at
>Quentin Taylor KG4VQU - Director
>quentintaylor at
>John Transue AF4PD - Trustee
>jtransue at
>Ben Gelb KF4KJQ - Webmaster
>ben at
>Mike Steussy AE4R - Program Coordinator
>ae4r at
>Kurt Wehle WA4SMI - Training Coordinator
>opelnut at
>Dan Sullivan KO1D - Emergency Coordinator
>djs13 at
>And, you’ll always find plenty of good stuff at 
>73 es QRZ FD!
>Jim W4JTP

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