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Field Day has come and gone, ... and everyone involved has learned something new. 
Here's a 'thank you' copied from the VWS mail reflector. 
I'd certainly like to encourage AMRAD participation in next year's event. I'd like to make use of the special characteristics of the AMRAD Club to perhaps focus on the non-traditional modes, and identify suitable projects that could be demonstrated at the next event!
I also want to add my own thanks to everyone who attended or participated in any way. 
Surprises of the weekend:
(i) Steak for Breakfast !
(ii) Completing two satellite QSOs !!
(iii) Iain KI4HLV completing several CW QSOs (with a straight key) !!!
Thanks again and best wishes,

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Subject: [VWS] Field Day
Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2005 18:12:17 -0400

I'd like to take a moment and thank all those who made this FD 2005 so much fun! If I forget someone blame lack of sleep and ignorance and accept my apologies.
The organizers: Pete, KG4OJT, Tom, N4ZPT who provided support in the planning and operation of the event!
The chef: Tom, K4TCM for cooking a fabulous feast fit for a King! 
The Station Capts: Linda, AC4LT, Tom, N4ZPT, Ian, KI4HLV, Matt, Kb1EXM, Ben, KF4KJQ, Bernie, K4XY, Tom, K4TCM for providing the gear and set up time (and for getting us all in the mood to shop after playing with toys)
The van: AMRAD for letting us use that great van resource
The Ops and Peanut Gallery: Everyone who showed up and chipped in with ideas, thoughts, Iron Butt Duty, Mic Time, Key or Key Board time, and other equiptment needs (like whomever built the IT network and Dean Parker for his Helical wonder)
Thanks everyone! I had a blast.
Dan S.

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