Excerpts from the RSGB news bulletin

Iain McFadyen mcfadyenusa at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 29 17:47:34 CDT 2005

Being aware of the fact that AMRAD is interested in VLF and other new bands, here are some clips from the RSGB bulletin: I hope the clips and graphics come out OK...

In the USA, the Federal Communications Commission has issued the experimental call letters WD2XSH for use on 500kHz by the ARRL 600 Metre Group. Members of the experimental group are eagerly anticipating the issue of the licence itself, which will allow them to commence operation on 500kHz. When transmissions have started, reception reports via the experimental group’s website will be welcomed.


Swedish VLF Transmitter on the Air 2 & 3 July

The Grimeton 17.2kHz Alexanderson alternator transmitter in Sweden is transmitting again on 2 and 3 July. On 2 July there is a transmission at 1230UTC and on 3 July the transmissions take place at 0815, 0915, 1215 and 1315UTC. SK6SAQ is also operating from the site around 14035kHz CW and 3755 and 14215kHz SSB.



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