Coax Connectors

riese-k3djc at riese-k3djc at
Thu Jun 30 23:14:14 CDT 2005

The latest news letter was a good read,,,, I expect to get some Boos
for this but I have for years always used PL259s up through 144
with no problem. I mount them on RG8 and its ilk as though the connecter
were hard line connectors. I fold the braid back over the outer portion
of the cable
and twist then on. The cable is cut to allow the center to a proper fit
etc etc. 
I find that you have to use a pair of pliers to really twist the
connector on and then 
it makes a solid connection to the outer braid. Trim and seal and the
and there is no need to melt the cable trying to solder the damned thing 

12 year ago I put up a 17 B 2 on 144 and the connecters have held up with
no change in SWR 
I can put 300 watts through them and I can see no increase in the temp of
the connecter 
so the loss isnt showing up in this test at least

completely out of spec but has worked for me

ouch !


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