Freescale Cuts The TV Cable

Robert Stratton bob at stratton.NET
Sun Jul 10 19:47:29 CDT 2005

Frank Gentges wrote:
> I sure would like to get a UWB unit to see just how much interference 
> the Freescale flavor of UWB generates to ham radio.  Is anybody aware of 
> how we might get or procure one?

I dealt with Martin back when they were XtremeSpectrum. At the time, 
they were very tight with the dev kits because they had limited personal 
bandwidth and wanted to support developer relationships that could 
really help.

My guess is that now they're folded into the mothership of Motorola, 
it's probably easier to get eval hardware.

Though I'll admit noise is noise, I have far less concerns about this 
stuff than the "BPL" noise, at least in the near-to-medium term. It 
seems it's already a challenge to make UWB propagate inside the building 
to where you want it at a usable field strength.

I'll try to track down his contact info and ask about eval availability.


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