International Space Station in cross-band repeater mode!!

Robert E.Seastrom rs at
Fri Jul 22 09:07:02 CDT 2005

Iain McFadyen <mcfadyenusa at> writes:

> The rate of change of the observed signals from the initial
> frequency to the final frequency, is highly dependent on the
> elevation of the pass: If the pass goes directly overhead your
> location, then your uplink frequency should remain almost stable at
> 437.791 till almost half way through the pass, then during a period
> of about 1 minute, you will have to move your transmit frequency
> down up to 437.809, then for the remainder of the pass, your
> transmit frequency will remain at 437.809.  If however the pass is
> very low on the horizon, then the rate of change of doppler remains
> almost constant all the way through the pass.   Good luck!   Iain  
> KI4HLV    McLean  VA

You would think that someone would have written a satellite tracking
program that spoke CI-V and would tune the radio for you, eh?  Not
"cheating" any more than having az-el auto-track on your antennas, and
CI-V boxes are a heck of a lot cheaper than az-el antenna mounts..


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