International Space Station in cross-band repeater mode!!

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Fri Jul 22 09:24:00 CDT 2005

There is!!
One example is Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD).  (I'm sure there are others too).
HRD is written by a Brit who now lives in Switzerland. HRD can control virtually any CI-V or CAT-capable radio.  HRD is free. 
In fact, HRD can control the doppler settings for the radio, as well as controlling a computer-controlled Az-El antenna mount!
The list of radios for which HRD has been configured is very extensive, and Simon, HB9DRV  takes requests for other radios not on the list. 
For this year's Field Day event, I was volunteered to be the Satellite station captain for the combined AMRAD and Vienna Wireless Society event. Due simply to the fact that virtually all the equipment I used was borrowed, and having little time to do any integration, I ended up on Field Day using two PCs, one running Satscape to control the Az/El, and the other one running HRD to update the radio with doppler correction.  But HRD can control both from the same PC using multiple serial ports.
HRD works perfectly when working FM satellites where uplink and downlink freqs are fixed. However, there's a major difference when operating one of the linear transponders: Your QSO can be anywhere in the transponder passband. So as you tune around the transponder, you need the rig control program to 'read' the rx VFO, and calculate the appropriate tx VFO freq taking into account (i) mode, (ii) doppler, (iii) inverting or non-inverting transponder, and (iv) the orbital details (overhead or horizon...). I observed an issue with HRD when operating linear transponders, and brought it to Simon's attention. The problem has already been fixed for all radios capable of duplex/satellite operation. HRD has an extensive user group and very active forum. 
To anyone on the list: If you have a CAT-capable, or CI-V capable rig, please try Ham Radio Deluxe. You will be impressed!
Iain  KI4HLV

"Robert E.Seastrom" <rs at> wrote:
You would think that someone would have written a satellite tracking
program that spoke CI-V and would tune the radio for you, eh?

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