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Samudra Haque samudra.haque at
Fri Jul 22 09:32:20 CDT 2005

Hi, may I ask who maintains the tacos at mailing list ? I am
having a difficult time in sorting through the incoming e-mail
messages from the tacos mailing list, as the subject header doesn't
include a common entry like most mailing lists on the internet, such

[TACOS] Re: International Space Station in cross-band repeater mode!!

This is great, since then we can set various e-mail applications to
sort the incoming mail according to the subject header, and then also
to differentiate the Tacos/Amrad mail from the other junk mail that
arrives in the mailboxes ?

Just a thought!

On 7/22/05, Iain McFadyen <mcfadyenusa at> wrote:
>  There is!!   One example is Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD).  (I'm sure there are
> others too).   HRD is written by a Brit who now lives in Switzerland. HRD
> can control virtually any CI-V or CAT-capable radio.  HRD is free.   In
> fact, HRD can control the doppler settings for the radio, as well as
> controlling a computer-controlled Az-El antenna mount!   The list of radios
> for which HRD has been configured is very extensive, and Simon, HB9DRV 
> takes requests for other radios not on the list.   For this year's Field Day
> event, I was volunteered to be the Satellite station captain for the
> combined AMRAD and Vienna Wireless Society event. Due simply to the fact
> that virtually all the equipment I used was borrowed, and having little time
> to do any integration, I ended up on Field Day using two PCs, one running
> Satscape to control the Az/El, and the other one running HRD to update the
> radio with doppler correction.  But HRD can control both from the same PC
> using multiple serial ports.   HRD works perfectly when working FM
> satellites where uplink and downlink freqs are fixed. However, there's a
> major difference when operating one of the linear transponders: Your QSO can
> be anywhere in the transponder passband. So as you tune around the
> transponder, you need the rig control program to 'read' the rx VFO, and
> calculate the appropriate tx VFO freq taking into account (i) mode, (ii)
> doppler, (iii) inverting or non-inverting transponder, and (iv) the orbital
> details (overhead or horizon...). I observed an issue with HRD when
> operating linear transponders, and brought it to Simon's attention. The
> problem has already been fixed for all radios capable of duplex/satellite
> operation. HRD has an extensive user group and very active forum.   To
> anyone on the list: If you have a CAT-capable, or CI-V capable rig, please
> try Ham Radio Deluxe. You will be impressed!   Iain  KI4HLV
> "Robert E.Seastrom" <rs at> wrote: 
> You would think that someone would have written a satellite tracking
> program that spoke CI-V and would tune the radio for you, eh?
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