Efratom FRS Manual

William D. Roig altairintl at msn.com
Wed Jul 13 21:01:41 CDT 2005

Dear Sir:

I have just gotten a Ball Efratom Rubidium Standard and was hoping I could get a cop of the manual.

I have a couple of questions if you would be so kind as to help. The frequency seems to be drifting about 8 or 9 hz both positive and negative. There is a line that is marked resonance lock signal and I never see an output. Also there is a xtal control voltage signal and a lamp voltage signal. Is it necessary to conect these or are they just status signals.

I saw your message on the reflector so, I hope ypu wouldn't mind helpin or if it would be ok to call on the phone and discuss this. I have read spec's on several rubidium standards and they show 1x10 the neg 11th so, I feel that its not working right.


Bill AC4BD 954-829-7149
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