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Richard Barth w3hwn at comcast.net
Wed Jul 27 13:06:23 CDT 2005

At 12:03 PM 7/27/2005, w3qx at qsl.net wrote:

>>  Invalid input or Story May No Longer Exist
>Apparently this link's expired.  Is there a cache/archive anywhere? 
>Thanks.  William

The article in the Doug Lung report was:

FCC Technology Advisory Council Meeting to Focus on Spectrum Policy
The FCC Technological Advisory Council (TAC) will discuss advanced wireless 
technologies and spectrum policy at its July 28 meeting.

This link worked for me just now.  It's not the same URL I originally posted.
That one was taken from the original screen, and was probably a redirected 
I should have used the original in the first place.

>On 7/27/05 at 9:43 AM +0000, Paul Rinaldo wrote:
>>  Dick,
>>  I don't remember who Paul Kolodzy represents these days but Greg Lapin 
>> represents ARRL.

I hoped our side had an rep in that particular discussion.

>>  Paul, W4RI
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>>  I see the FCC Technical Advisory Council is about to hear a pitch led by
>>  Paul Kolodzy and Greg Lapin about "Lessons Learned about Frequency Sharing
>>  in the Amateur Radio Service."  Anybody know who these two currently
>>  represent?

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