U-Matic tape

David A Aitcheson kb3efs at gisco.net
Sun Jul 31 19:51:01 CDT 2005

Iain McFadyen wrote:
> Can anyone in this area make use of an Ampex U-matic (pronounced Mu-matic)
> videocassette tape? 
> Someone local is trying to find out if anyone can make use of it, before it
> gets trashed. Perhaps someone with a BoatAnchor mountain at home, has a
> U-matic tape deck too and needs tapes?
> Let me know if there is any interest, and I'll try to pick it up before it is
> dumped.
> Iain KI4HLV

Those tapes were being used by NASA at GSFC in the EDOS system.

Also used by some TV stations.

Is it Free?

I could use another dust collecting memorabilia item.


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