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sv8cri-ars at hol.gr sv8cri-ars at hol.gr
Sun Aug 7 15:48:48 CDT 2005

hi there
my name is panos and my call is SV8CRI
i'm very interesting for the vlf and lf frequencies.
i'm listener up to now,because our goverment doesn't give lisence
to operate 136 khz in greece.but i've build some vlf converters
receivers and preselectors and i've bought some receivers and selective
level meters.some of my lf equipment is:
hp-3586c  spm-19  mv-62  spm-12  rycom 6040  level  meters
kenwood ts-850s    teletron te-704   teletron lwf-45  teletron te-712b 
ekd-300  racal-1772  receivers.
80m long wire antenna at 15m high, 1m dia loop,  antennas
home made preselectors 
so up to now i'm listen only and specialy time signals and NDB's.
i've received about 220 european asian and african NDB'S,and i've recorded
about 160 of them.
please let me know how can i become member of your group,and what i need for.
thanks in advance 
hearing from you soon

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