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Sat Aug 13 09:59:57 CDT 2005

Hi all,
Greetings from Kuwait.
The ECM job in Baghdad bounced me out because of fears I was about to become a 'heat casualty'. It was brutaly hot installing electronics in armored vehicles.
Kuwait is not too bad. High temps but I get to stay indoors most of the time. Better food and nobody is trying to kill us. In Baghdad we got mortared every few days.
The current activity is at Camp Arifjan Kuwait. 
Im fixing these exotic motor control units that are part of an airconditioning system. In essence they take any kind of 220 power and turn it into 220 3phase power to run the AirCo. Lots of volts and lots of amps.
Seems nobody here could fix the analog control cards. I get through about 4 dog uints a day, and so far Im batting about 80% on a system there is no training on.
In the not too distant future Im going to need something to look busy with.
Question for the team.
Anybody know of a good kit company.
Im thinking of a few things.
A tube audio amp, similar to a Dynaco Stereo 70.
A six digit LED clock kit that works on 50 or 60hz power.
Anything to tickel the fancy.
Would also consider buying unbuilt kits from individuals if interesting.
Get back to me at
Be well all
Keep it warm
Mike Chisena

"You are, what you do, when it counts"
The Masso
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