FW: Auto Call and FARFEST

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gang, FYI. Paul

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> Sent: Thursday, August 11, 2005 9:23 AM
> Auto Call is in dire straights.
> Recently, it has become necessary for several volunteer AUTO Call  
> staff to vacate their positions. We are in desperate need of  
> replacements. Please pass the word to your groups, clubs and anyone  
> you might think would be interested in taking up this important  
> task in the present or whatever format may evolve.
> We are in need of editors, most importantly, to do the layout and  
> design.
> We need advertisers if you know anyone who could benefit from an  
> add in Auto Call.
> We've saved our bacon at the last possible moment in the past. If  
> we can pull it together again, we need to encourage our friends to  
> subscribe.
> There are a lot of hams out there who do not belong to a member  
> club and are not aware of the good work FAR does. If they did, we  
> would not have trouble getting volunteers to work the FARFEST. Its  
> a great hamfest AND its for a good cause--SCHOLARSHIPS!
> Its not too late to volunteer for FARFEST--If you can give a few  
> hours to a good cause September 10 or 11, contact Vicki Giganti at  
> vivkig at adelphia.net to help!
> Please, get the word out to the amateur community today.
> Thanks!
> Jeanne

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