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Some details from the disaster area.  Walt is in Texas and a member of 
the HSMM Work group.

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Most cellphone systems are down.

Some sites that had backup generators runing of of natural gas may still 
be operating.  Sites running on bottled gas or liquid fuel that may have 
survived probably have run out of fuel.  The NO Police communications 
runs on natural gas backup generators but they have lost natural gas and 
their radio locations would not permit backup bottled gas.

Few amatuer radio repeaters are on in the area, probably due to having 
expended their backup capability...either dead batteries or no fuel for 
their backup generators.

Self contained (battery or small generator) HF seems to be the only 
communications and propagation has been poor the last few days.

The active ARES net is on 7285 day and 3873 at night.

FEMA is running HF as well as SATCOM.  The military is deploying some 
SATCOM into the area.

All the above has come from monitoring 7285 and 3873 as well as 
information brought back from Beaumont, Texas stations via the Armadillo 
Linked System.


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Any info on communications in New Orleans?
Did the Cell phone system collapse?  Are Amateur repeaters still working?

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