evolving role of ham radio in a disaster

Bob Bruhns bbruhns at erols.com
Mon Sep 5 21:01:10 CDT 2005

I just saw an e-mail from someone in Las Vegas,
who says he heard activity on 14.265 MHz, the
Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio (SATERN)
health & welfare net.

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Subject: evolving role of ham radio in a disaster

> I think its pretty clear from Andre's message that
hams will have to lean
> how to work with helicopters under various
conditions.  Strobes seem
> to be used to guide helicopters to landing sites,
probably color coded
> stobes to aviod
> confusion..  A well developed doctrine must already
exist and perhaps it
> should be included
> in the ARRL or other organization's emergency
eduction material.
> BTW I spun through the various disaster frequencies
yesterday but found
> only chit-chatting hams on 80.  40 was dead and so
was everything above that
> except 20 where I found the maritime mobile net
working as usual.   Anyone
> else had a different listening experience?
> PS  I found so much rf junk noise within my house
that I actually shut
> off the
> main house power and put the hf receiver on local
batteries.  Turning
> off house power
> allowed me to hear the hf bands pretty well.  Suppose
I coun't shut off
> the rf so easily?
> --h
> --h.
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