reply, evolving role of ham radio in a disaster

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Tue Sep 6 10:07:38 CDT 2005

There was a mention of Winlink one time but I have only been listing to one 
net that is voice only.

At 09:32 AM 9/6/05 -0400, Alex Fraser wrote:
>Have any of the digital modes been used?
>Nan and Sandy Sanders wrote:
>>I have been listening to the West Gulf ARES Net on 40 and 80 and a lot of 
>>traffic has been passed. It has ranged from road conditions to sending 
>>fuel to EOCs that are about to run out to messages for personnel at a 
>>major hospital to use the only working land line to call the state EOC ( 
>>many along the same lines as people could call out when they could not 
>>receive calls) the same ham having to make frequent reports that the mob 
>>that had invaded looking for drugs had not gotten to his floor. Many 
>>messages of people trapped in their attic by flood waters ( these seem to 
>>be from people using cell phones that would some times work calling 
>>relatives who would call the Red Cross who would route the message to the 
>>Coast Guard by ham radio. Some times cell systems would route 911 calls 
>>to random 911 systems around the country. One was received by the 
>>dispatcher on a little town about 30 miles from where I am in East Texas 
>>on vacation.) All this on one net running on 40 and 80 meters. The load 
>>dropped a bunch starting Friday evening but the net is still going. I 
>>heard a trapped person message not more than 2 hours ago.
>>Ham radio seems to be used for the first or last 100 miles. The long haul 
>>traffic is on the Internet not 20 meters.
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