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Alex Fraser beatnic at comcast.net
Thu Sep 15 08:59:06 CDT 2005

Some interesting goings on in the digital world.  I snatched this from 
the Yahoo Q15X25 list.


--- In Q15X25 at yahoogroups.com, "wb8wka" <wb8wka at y...> wrote:

 > I figure we can start on PSK31/MFSK16, then move over to MT63 2K
 > q15x25 (or whatever modes your capable of). Getting good decodes on
 > the second reciever, abet your power meter sure doesn't show much
 > output (5 watts when I normally can show 40 on PSK31).

My station only puts out around 15 watts on 17 meters in Q15x25 mode,
but easily puts out 50 watts or more in HF Packet mode on the same

Wonder why this is so?

 > Also I heard about some sort of 18 meter q15x25 skipnet? Even a
 > connection rejection would be useful for test purposes. Anyone have
 > any info/frequency/calls for that one?

18.117 LSB  Q15x25 mode, 2500 bit rate, Interleave 16

Setup info given to SkipNet SYSOPs can be seen at:


The BBS here ( N5PVL-5 ) won't accept direct connections from anyone
but other BBS stations.

If you connect to plain old N5PVL though, then you end up in a
FlexNet node, but the only other place to go from there is a NetRom
node (RGV) that has troubles with its receiving antenna right now.

I'm not sure, but you may be able to get into the BBS from the
FlexNet node, using the "M" command. - Worth a try, anyway. If you
make it, leave me a message!

Charles,  N5PVL


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