FYI...For all the local balloon fanatics:.... you know who, you are! :-)

Roger Geesey rg213st at
Sat Oct 1 08:30:30 CDT 2005

Dateline: Albuquerque, New Mexico,  Saturday, October 1,  7:20 AM

At this moment, observing scores of balloons over this city, more rising 
up north. Gorgeous.

This is the opening event of Albuquerque International Balloon FIESTA!!  
There're saying 1 Million in town for this.

We start back toward east today.   Probably arrive in Vienna about 
October 10.

All on track for closure on our new home.  We're excited.


Ian wrote:

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Subject: FYI...For all the local balloon fanatics:.... you know who
	you are!	:-)
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The following information is about an early Saturday Balloon launch in
Maryland, tomorrow.

Hopefully the and websites will be back up and
running by the launchtime, so that people can easily track the W3EAX-11 and
-13 APRS beacons online. Or, swing those beams and listen for the APRS packets
direct on 144.34 and 144.390. 

The current estimated landing point puts it near Arnold, MD, just North of
Annapolis, but given the changeable weather conditions, I'm thinking that
could vary. 

Iain   KI4HLV

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