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The following is from the ARRL Web site.  Congrats Scotty!

Well-known DXer and contester John S. "Scott" Redd, K0DQ, has been  
sworn in as the first director of the National Counterterrorism  
Center (NCTC).

Vice President Dick Cheney presided over a ceremonial swearing-in  
September 12, at which Redd was accompanied by his wife, Donna, and  
several family members.   President George W. Bush announced June 10  
that he was tapping Redd, 61, to direct the new center. Redd  
officially assumed his new duties August 1.

A former commander of US naval forces in the Middle East and a 36- 
year Navy veteran, Redd, who holds the rank of Admiral, was executive  
director of the Silberman-Robb presidential commission on US  
intelligence failures in Iraq. Commission co-chairs Judge Laurence A.  
Silberman and former Sen Charles Robb were among several dignitaries  
also on hand for the ceremony.

Redd earlier served as deputy administrator and chief operating  
officer of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad, for which  
he received the Secretary of Defense Medal for Exceptional Public  

Redd pledged to carry out the mission of the NCTC "with  
determination, with integrity, and to the very best of my abilities."

By law, the NCTC serves as the primary organization in the US  
Government for integrating and analyzing all intelligence pertaining  
to terrorism. It also conducts strategic operational planning for  
counterterrorism activities.

A native of Sidney, Iowa, Redd is a 1966 graduate of the US Naval  
Academy and a Fulbright Scholar.

Bernie McClenny, W3UR

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