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Our web site was updated this evening.  Point your browser to:


Under Recent Events:
October 15, 2005: Tour of Fairfax County's Alternate Emergency  
Operations Center (AEOC)

Paul Bassett, KI4DTL, was our host and tour guide...

The AEOC, located on a basement level within the county's Government  
Center off Lee Highway west of the City of Fairfax, opened for  
business in September 2004...

The AEOC consists primarily of three rooms that are occupied during  
an emergency situation...

Under Photo Albums:
Photos from this meeting can be found here:

Under Archived Events:
The stories on chapter events held in July through September 2005  
have been moved to the archives section.

In the Folder of Downloadable Files:
Ten members have now written their own biographies, and these have  
been added to the "Active Members" subfolder of the folder entitled  
"biographies of chapter members."  Take a look!  If you're a member  
of Chapter 91 and haven't yet written your story for the rest of us  
to enjoy, please do so and send it, along with photos of yourself and  
your station, to me at:  rrucker at

Dick Rucker, KM4ML
QCWA Vic Clark Chapter 91

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