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Actually when he runs it he can see the stations but attempting to
connect fails
one or more of the Verizon ports need to be opened,,,, they are OK on his
and I am not all that familiar with Echolink,,,, dont QSL dont keep logs
probably get my Licence revoked

I been out of GTE for 6/7 years and I am not sure how or what
the former GTE office uses. I know they re configured my line for higher
and it happened before I hung up so I guess the whole Shebang is a
Digital network
and remotely programmable

garbage in/garbage out



I suspect that K3IIB can connect to an echolink node and that works just
fine.  I suspect that the problem is that no one can contact his node.

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For another Tech question,,, I use Verizon DSL and am on some of the
early CO equipment and other than opening my home router ports  was able
use Echo Link no problems. I am on 3000K up loads

Now at 14 bux a month another friend is on 750 K and is Unable to open up
the proper ports to use Echo Link turns out they :" Verizon " have them
what is apparently a CO router as their "to the public " address is a
different address than what you get when doing "Find My IP address"
my assumption is that the CO has equipment that allows multi 700 K user
access to one max speed DSL port . I was unable to get a hold of any
that still are working but will follow up Monday. I suggested that K3IIB
contact Verizon and request that they open up the proper ports

And BTW for 14 bux the Verizon 750K DSL service does work well

Atom Films are great


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