Frank Gentges fgentges at mindspring.com
Mon Oct 31 08:14:45 CST 2005

Has anyone got a burner that can do this?  I have not seen any traffic 
on this. 

I can dig one out if nobody else has one up and running. Mine is an ISA 
card that cannot run at the same time as a VGA display so I run it with 
an old Compaq luggable.  Hopefully, the Compaq still works.

I think Mike is looking to dupe 64k EPROMS.  I have a few of these and 
also an eraser.

It looks like Mike will be at tacos next Saturday so we need to get 
ready for him.


Michael Chisena wrote:

> Hi guys, Im still on schedule for R and R for the first week in 
> November.   Planing on making it to the Taco's meeting.   Some of you 
> guys offered to help with an eprom issue Im having at work.   If I 
> bring some working eproms, can I hire one of you to make a few copies 
> of each. This way when the boss sees that this can be done, I will get 
> less static about ordering a prom burner /copier for the office.   Is 
> there a chance I can buy the parts from one of you, or should I order 
> them from Digikey for delivery next friday.   That's the news of the 
> moment. Thanks in advance   Mike Chisena KA2ZEV Kuwait City
> "You are, what you do, when it counts"
> The Masso
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