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Andre Kesteloot andre.kesteloot at
Wed Nov 2 21:18:00 CST 2005

Michael Chisena wrote:

> Guys, What Andre said got me thinking. Now we all know the most 
> dangerous thing on earth is an Italian with an Idea.   So I went 
> looking for 'tube radio kits' and found this page.   
>   They 
> have some other toys to look at as well.   Later dudes Mike in Kuwait  

It is advertised as a

    Four Valve with Speaker Radio Kit

but further down the description reads
Three Valve (Tube) & Speaker  Receiver

and all that for a mere $110    :-(

if you go to Antique electronics Supply
they have a regenerative 2-tube kit for $39.

And we probably have all the parts in our junk boxes for  $ 0  !

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