new q signal requested

hal hfeinstein at
Sun Nov 6 21:13:26 CST 2005

I work 40 CW whenever I get a chance.   Lately,  I am being asked the 
following in the middle of
a convesation:

    (a)   are U gud inet?   meaning   Is your address listed on one of 
the internet web sites?
    (b)   are U gud on qrz?               meaning  are you listed with

When you hear   "QSL bigbands at"  obviously meaning one of 
those instant URL QSL's.  which you can spool off and save or print 
out.  It don't seem like Kansas anymore Toto!
I propose a field fix for (a) and (b): define a new q signal (I propose, 
with neither consultation or
coordination) the q signal QNQ? to  mean "are you good on the Internet." 
So, "pse QSL my QNQ " means  please qsl via my published Internet 
address.    And  "QSL QNQ  yada at"  might mean to use the 
following Internet address much like QTH is used. "QSL QNQ qrz" while a 
confusing (most things are you know) will mean qsl via my qrz address.  
Knowing the ways
of CW ops the previous will probably get shorted to just "QSL via qrz" 
some day.

When it came time to send my email address I sent it as follows:

hlf @ =>
ditditditdit ditdaditdit ditditdadit   didadaditdadit   daditdadit 
dadada daditditda didadidadida etc.
not  "at" but  the morse "@" that I remember as "WR."   


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