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  No secret, just different.
  Lojack base stations send out a paging signal when it's time to trip a vehicle alarm. I don't know the exact format.
  When the vehicle transmitter kicks on it sends an ANI (Automatic Number Identifier) burst chirp.
  That chirp is decoded by the Lojack receiver in the police car and it's displayed as a four digit number, that way the cops lookign for the suspect car can follow chirps for a spicific one.
  Lojack tied a number of off the shelf gizmos into a fairly neat package.
  Later dude
  Mike in Kuwait

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1. Off Topic: Lojack (Iain McFadyen)


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Does anyone on the mailing list have any technical detail on the modulation
scheme for the LoJack vehicle recovery system in use on 173.075MHz? (In USA).

Though the frequency allocation is public knowledge, it appears that the
modulation scheme is a closely guarded secret.

There is currently a report of a stolen BMW 4-door vehicle in the Springfield
VA area, and I'm hearing occasional squawks of data on 173.075 at 60+dB over
S9, here in McLean.

I trust everyone will enjoy a happy Thanksgiving, whichever country you might
find yourselves in...

Iain McFadyen KI4HLV

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