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Fwdd to the list per Mike's request.

--- Michael Chisena <ka2zev at yahoo.com> wrote:
>   If you could please post this to the Taco's list when you get some time.

> ....................................................
>   Sandy, George, and the rest of you wild men,
>   Greetings from Kuwait.
>   I would have followed up sooner on the eprom project but there was a
glitch. Lufthansa managed to loose my luggage, and care to guess where the
eproms were stashed?
>   Last night I got my goods back.
>   Had Thanksgiving dinner at Kuwait International Airport. 
>   KFC chicken strips came up short as a holiday meal.  
>   Managed to get my luggage back though. It got left behind in Philidelphia
of all places.
>   There was no shortage of screw ups. 
>   Like foot powder all over the inside of my shaving kit and tooth brush
>   Good thing I saw it before I tried it.
>   Had to repair one of my radio shack speakers for the tube amplifer
project, seems the plastic board the tweeter was mounted on got shattered
during shipment. Dismounted the tweeter, reassembled the plastic parts, and
applyed a liberal coating of acitone and let it set, this re fused the plastic
parts. Made up new wire harness to plug the speakers into the dual bannana
jacks on the amplifer pcb.
>   I now have adiquit tunes! The sound is good. Eight watt amp, on 50 watt
speakers. They ain't going to fry unless I get a DC into the output side of
the transformer.
>   So while my style of classic rock is playing in the backround, (She
blinded me with Science!)  Im workign on these digital boards in the
>   Had a couple of 'dogs' that I coulden't fix because of a parts shortage,
and did them today. 
>   The copied eproms work just fine on the 18k controlers. Don't have a set
up yet for the 36K controlers.
>   My boss and I send the Amrad team a hearty thankyou for your assistance. 
>   So now it will be a simple matter of ordering the recomemended prom burner
and ereaser. 
>   Life is good and wave forms are sane.
>   In other news, we got told of a new managment plan. Seems we are switching
from a 7 day week to a six. Yeah this is going to cut into the dollars, but it
will do well for the sanity point of view.
>   What to do with this day off?
>   Got a few kits here to build.
>   The Ramsey RF power meter kit.
>   The Ramsey FM stereo transmitter kit
>   The TenTec Shortwave receiver kit (the mobile radio looking one)
>   Was also able to sneek my collection of tastless movies into the country.
>   Catching up on sleep is popular too.
>   Kuwait Customs are a waste of space. Seems they were looking for liquids
in the luggage and could not care about batteries, wires, radios, and parts.
> You gotta love Islam's one mindedness.
>   So again, thanks Sandy, George, and team Amrad for the help here.
>   Mike Chisena
>   Camp Arifjan Kuwait
> "You are, what you do, when it counts"
> The Masso

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