International Space Station activity

Iain McFadyen mcfadyenusa at
Mon Nov 28 12:58:16 CST 2005

This is a brief note to let everyone know that there will be a school contact
from the ISS to a school in Massachussetts on Tuesday 29th Nov. The pass will
start at 13:24 Eastern time, and will end at around 13:34.

The pass will be a high elevation pass over Washington DC (approx 59 degrees).

To listen to the ISS downlink, just tune an FM receiver to 145.800 at 13:24
tomorrow, and listen for the astronauts. (There should be no need to tune the
Rx during the pass: But if you have a top-end or multimode transceiver, start
out at 145.802, and tune down to approx 145.798 as the pass progresses. Just
watch the discriminator meter on your rig to see the affects of doppler).

Unfortunately, you can only hear one side of the conversation, but hope you
will get some value out of hearing the ISS downlink. You should hear the
astronauts giving answers to the questions posed by the students.

For those with elaborate antenna systems...: 
(Are you ready Hal??)
AOS: 13:24 on a heading of 311 degrees
TCA: 13:29 on a heading of 034 degrees and elevation of 59 deg.
LOS: 13:34 on a heading of 123 degrees.


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