Nominations for this year's elections to the AMRAD Board.

Iain McFadyen mcfadyenusa at
Mon Dec 5 21:46:24 CST 2005

Just a reminder that there is still time to accept further nominations for the
Board of AMRAD.

The following Directors and Alternates have terms which expire this year, but
they are willing to stand again:

Frank Gentges, K0BRA
Paul Rinaldo, W4RI
Elton Sanders, WB5MMB
Terry Fox, WB4JFI

Due to relocation, the following member has decided not to stand for

Roger Geesey, KG4IRH

We have so far received one additional nomination:

Paul Mooney, K4KRE.

If you are willing to run for election, or wish to nominate someone else,
kindly contact me by return email. Though there will be the ability to
write-in names at the annual meeting, I'd really like to have as many
nominations on the ballot beforehand. 

And lastly, this is a friendly reminder that the AGM is this Thursday, 8
December, 2005, at 7:30pm, located at the Dolley Madison Library, 1244 Oak
Ridge Ave., McLean VA. 

Thanks and best wishes,

Iain McFadyen,   KI4HLV
Secretary, AMRAD.

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