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hal hfeinstein at
Wed Dec 7 17:51:33 CST 2005

Tell me if you think this is real.  I may have had this QSO back in 
2002  but
I can't verify it. (no log!)  It seems a little like a phising msg to 
me.  At least they
arn't in Nigeria. --H.  Would you answer it?

Subject: eQSL to WB3KDU on 12-Jul-2002 on 20M

(This e-mail has been forwarded to you via
from one of our registered users:

Hello WB3KDU,

Dear WB3KDU, I need your eQSL for an eAward, and your eQSL does not count unless it is has Authenticity Guaranteed status.  There are 3 different ways to get AG status.  Have you looked at the Authenticity Guaranteed page to see how easy it is?  73, WA6XXXX 

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