My first time HF mobile operation in 25 years!!

Robert Bruninga bruninga at
Wed Dec 7 22:26:19 CST 2005

> I also wish that there was a method of overlaying the 
> VHF/UHF repeater coverage prediction charts over the 
> GPS moving map display... for the whole route TX-VA! 
> Otherwise I'm going to be going loopy fingering through 
> the ARRL repeater directory!

That is what APRS is for.  Not only the local travelers
voice repeater, but also the local ECHOlink, IRLP and 
Winlink nodes should also appear on the front panel of 
your D7 or D700 APRS radio.  Such objects show up
with their frequency, distance and direction from you
as well as PL and everything else you need to operate.

Thats the goal of APRS, to serve to mobile operators
with everything they need tom know about ham radio
services around them (live)...

de Wb4APR, Bob

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