Fw: Simon Singh, Ph.D.

Paul Rinaldo prinaldo at mindspring.com
Sat Dec 17 06:50:35 CST 2005


A book was picked up recently in a second-hand bookstore by Dr. Singh and published by Doubleday in 1999 entitled The Code Book. It has a good description of public key;  the Diffie et al work; pgp and the role of Zimmerman; the legal troubles involving RSA and the later publication of material showing that the dating of the "invention" of 
public key is in error and it should be credited earlier to GCHQ.  All this was interesting. However, my undocumented recollection is that this is all still in error and that the actual credit is several years earlier still and belongs on 
this side of the Atlantic.

Does anyone know the truth here? 


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