Fwd: [Balloonatics] East Coast stations please listen in the morning (Sun) for WB8ELK balloon beacon

Robert E.Seastrom rs at seastrom.com
Sun Dec 18 07:57:49 CST 2005

Iain McFadyen <mcfadyenusa at yahoo.com> writes:

> They've done it again: 
> The University of Alabama - Huntsville Balloonatics group have launched a
> balloon which has got stuck. It is hovering at 61,000 feet or thereabouts over
> the TN/VA border. 

The map was being updated as of a few minutes ago and just stopped.

Track of WB8ELK-11 --- Last report received 2 minutes 48 seconds ago
Last location is 216.6 miles southeast of Hyannis, MA 
Status: HiBall-6 Balloon
Course: 72.0 Speed: 136.9 MPH Altitude: 107555 feet


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