International Space Station in Cross-band repeater mode!

Iain McFadyen mcfadyenusa at
Tue Dec 27 13:45:23 CST 2005

Just learned from another BB that the ISS is in cross-band repeater mode.

437.800 (+/- up to 9kHz doppler) uplink
145.800 (+/- insignificant doppler) downlink.

No PL tones.

ISS passes for the McLean area are generally late afternoon at the moment.

Today, the first pass audible in the McLean area will be at 18:03 local time.
This will also be a VISIBLE pass (if the skies stay clear). The maximum
elevation will only reach 9 degrees though. It will rise due South at 18:03,
and disappear almost exactly due East.  So a clear outlook to the South East
would be favourable.

Iain  KI4HLV

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