WGU20 on 179 kHz

Bob Bruhns bbruhns at erols.com
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It had to be 1974 or 1975 when I first found WGU20 on about 178 or 179 KHz.  I received it on a Russian longwave portable that my boss got in Sweden.  The signal was pretty good into Wayne, Pennsylvania (a few miles northwest of Philadelphia).

Back in those days, WGU20 broadcast NOAA weather radio.  One morning, someone played a trick on the announcer.  Evidently the report would be phoned in and recorded, then played over and over for hours.  This particular morning some wise guy popped in while the announcer was reading the report.  "...bla bla bla the weather today..." (wise guy breaks in) "It's gonna get windy!"  (announcer) "Hey!  What... get off there!"  This repeated over and over all morning.  Maybe this accounts for the change in format?

In Herndon, Virginia, we have KFA942.  You can't find out much about KFA942.  It repeats "This is KFA942 transmitting on 1640 Kilohertz."  Up until April 2004 it used to say "This is KFA942 broadcasting on 1640 Kilohertz."  Before that I read that it used to repeat "This is KFA942 broadcasting on 1640 Megahertz."  Somebody must have noticed the error, and the announcement was fixed.

  Bob, WA3WDR

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  A real LF transmitter in the WDC area  
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