Fw: Reward offered

Paul Rinaldo prinaldo at mindspring.com
Thu Jan 5 04:30:30 CST 2006


This is from someone who obviously has time on his hands.

>A reward of 500 Microfarads is offered for the information leading to the arrest of Hop-A-Long Capacity. This unrectified criminal escaped from a western primary cell where he had been clamped in ions awaiting the gauss chamber.
>He is charged with the induction of an 18 turn coil named Milly Henry who was found choked and robbed of valuable joules. He is armed with a carbon rod and is a potential killer. Capacity is also charged with driving D.C. Motor over the Wheatstone Bridge and refusing to let the band pass.
>If encountered, he may offer series of resistance. The Electromotive Force spent the night searching for him in a magnetic field, where he had gone to earth. They 
>had no success and believed he had returned ohm via a short circuit
>He was last seen riding a kilocycle with his friend Eddy Current who was playing a harmonic. 

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