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google receives patent for CDMA-based wireless data transmissions

By Joni Morse
Jan 4, 2006

ALEXANDRIA, Va.-The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office awarded a patent to
Google Inc. for a technology that makes more data exchanges possible at
faster speeds on a CDMA-based wireless network.

A Google representative could not immediately comment on the patent or say
what the company would do with it. The USPTO awarded the patent to Google to
the company Jan. 3. The patent application defines the technology as a
"baseband direct sequence spread spectrum transceiver."

According to the patent's abstract: "The data signal is modulated with a
Hadamard function having pseudo-randomly scrambled rows. This data signal is
then broadcast baseband, absent a carrier, by a relatively short, mismatched
antenna. The baseband signal is spread out across the DC to 30 MHz spectrum.
A low noise, high-gain bandwidth product amplifier boosts the baseband RF
signal. A correlator/servo system is used to actively cancel the transmit
signal from the received signal. Consequently, the same antenna can be used
to receive incoming baseband RF signals as well as transmit baseband RC
signals, thereby providing full duplex operation."

The patent application was filed Jan. 26, 2001.

A darling of Wall Street, Google made its mark with its wildly successful
advertising-based, search-engine business. The company since has expanded
into other areas, including wireless. Most recently, Google announced plans
to build a free Wi-Fi network in San Francisco and to make its e-mail
service, Gmail, available on mobile phones.

However, the company's newest patent comes as somewhat of a surprise since
Google has stayed away from wireless transmission standards and wireless
technology development.

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