anybody got any idea what this is about?

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Sounds like UWB, not SS.  In the HF bands.  Now what?

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>google receives patent for CDMA-based wireless data transmissions
>By Joni Morse
>Jan 4, 2006
>ALEXANDRIA, Va.-The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office awarded a patent to
>Google Inc. for a technology that makes more data exchanges possible at
>faster speeds on a CDMA-based wireless network.
>A Google representative could not immediately comment on the patent or say
>what the company would do with it. The USPTO awarded the patent to Google to
>the company Jan. 3. The patent application defines the technology as a
>"baseband direct sequence spread spectrum transceiver."
>According to the patent's abstract: "The data signal is modulated with a
>Hadamard function having pseudo-randomly scrambled rows. This data signal is
>then broadcast baseband, absent a carrier, by a relatively short, mismatched
>antenna. The baseband signal is spread out across the DC to 30 MHz spectrum.
>A low noise, high-gain bandwidth product amplifier boosts the baseband RF
>signal. A correlator/servo system is used to actively cancel the transmit
>signal from the received signal. Consequently, the same antenna can be used
>to receive incoming baseband RF signals as well as transmit baseband RC
>signals, thereby providing full duplex operation."
>The patent application was filed Jan. 26, 2001.
>A darling of Wall Street, Google made its mark with its wildly successful
>advertising-based, search-engine business. The company since has expanded
>into other areas, including wireless. Most recently, Google announced plans
>to build a free Wi-Fi network in San Francisco and to make its e-mail
>service, Gmail, available on mobile phones.
>However, the company's newest patent comes as somewhat of a surprise since
>Google has stayed away from wireless transmission standards and wireless
>technology development.
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