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>The next meeting of the Vienna Wireless Society will be at 7:30 pm on
Friday, January 27, at the Vienna Elementary School on Center Street in
Vienna.  There should be some chatter on the 146.685 repeater beforehand if
you need help finding your way.  
>Our professional antenna engineer, Mike Toia K3MT, has generously agreed
to present his now very popular talk, Understanding Radio Antennas.  Mike
has presented this talk several times, including at a prestigious IEEE
gathering and to other audiences.  Mike will tailor this presentation for
our members and he promised there would be no eye-watering math equations.
Plan to come for the fun and stay for the education that Mike always
includes in his witty and entertaining programs.
>And thanks in advance to Tom N4ZPT for providing the break-time refreshments.
>We’re just a little more than a month away from our biggest event of the
year.  Winterfest is not only a hamfest, but also the VWS’s primary
fundraising event of the year.  And as we get closer to the big day, we’re
transitioning the “planning” tasks to the “doing” tasks—from “pregame” set
up on Saturday, Feb. 25, to selling tickets, aiding vendors, answering
questions, and cleaning up after what we hope will be hundreds of happy
attendees on Sunday the 26th.
>So please be thinking about how you can help, and join us at this Friday’s
meeting for the latest ‘Fest news.
>This has been a busy January for VWS’s field operators.  On Jan. 14 (to
coincide with the Seahawks advancing to the NFC Championship game by
beating the you-know-who's), we had the NAQP CW contest Middleburg, Va.
Last weekend (when the Seahawks advanced to their first Super Bowl), a good
group trekked to the historic Highacre House at Harpers Ferry, W.Va., for
the NAQP SSB contest.
>True, the outcomes on the football field likely pleased only a teensy
minority of members (me).  But more importantly, the activity on the
airwaves and fellowship provided plenty of enjoyment for everyone who
ventured to the events.
>A new year means that it’s time to re-up your VWS membership.   For a
meager $12, you can help support all the club’s activities and enjoy the
rights and privileges of membership thereof throughout 2006.  See our
smiling treasurer at the meeting, or send a check to VWS, P.O. Box 418,
Vienna, VA  22183.  
>We’re always looking for ideas to fill this year’s calendar of club
events.  If you have any thoughts on potentially neat operating activities,
tours, and programs, bring them to the meeting or contact one of the VWS
Top Dogs.  Their emails are listed below.
>Did you miss the last meeting?  No worries; minutes of all VWS meetings
are posted at www.viennawireless.org under PROGRAMS.
>Don’t miss out of the latest news on the NAQP, Fox Hunting, Field Day,
Winterfest, and other special discussion topics.  Sign up for any or all of
the mailing lists by stopping by www.viennawireless.org/lists.php
>Mondays-- 2m Net at 8 pm on the 146.685 repeater.
>Tuesdays-- Digital Net at 8:00 pm on 3.578 MHz USB with a 900Hz offset.
The net usually starts with PSK31, but often will switch to other modes
depending on the wishes/whims of the folks present.
>Thursdays—10m Pow Wow Net at 28.444 MHz.
>And don’t forget the weekly Tuesday lunch, 11:30 am at Neighbor's
Restaurant, at the corner of Park and Cedar Streets in Vienna. 
>Thanks to AE4R for the complete scoop.
>January 29
>Maryland Mobileers ARC
>Odenton, MD 
>This is a good one, in spite of being small and crammed into a firehouse
meeting hall. 
>February 19
>Frostfest 2006, Richmond Amateur Telecommunications Society
>Richmond, VA 
>A big one, held indoors, and always worth the trip down I-95. 
>February 26
>Winterfest 2006
>Vienna Wireless Society
>Annandale, VA 
>This is OUR show, and we need EVERY MEMBER to help!!! 
>(For the club’s lawyers, note there is another "WINTERFEST" on 5 February
hosted by the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, www.NOARS.net.)
>March 25-26
>Greater Baltimore Hamboree and Computerfest 
>Baltimore Amateur Radio Club
>Timonium, MD 
>"Big Timonium" two days of fun (unless it rains). Saturday is the best day
to go. 
>April 22(assumed date)
>Eastern Shore Hamfest
>Easton ARS
>Easton, MD 
>Another long drive; heard it wasn’t all that great in previous years 
>April 23
>York Spring Hamfest
>York Hamfest Foundation
>York, PA 
>Not bad, but really too far to drive, unless you just have to go to a
hamfest that weekend. 
>April 29(assumed date)
>Ann Arundel/Kent Island RC Hamfest
>Kent Island Amateur Radio Club & Anne Arundel Radio Club
>Grasonville, MD 
>www.w3vpr.org/ (not shown on club's calendar yet, so check before driving!) 
>Tiny hamfest, but fun and worth the drive across the Bay Bridge 
>May 7
>The Great Hagerstown Hamfest, Antietam Radio Association
>Hagerstown-Sharpsburg, MD 
>Small, but fun and then you can visit the Antietam National Battlefield,
about a mile down the road. 
>May 19-22
>55th Dayton Hamvention
>Dayton ARA
>Trotwood, OH 
>Known worldwide as the Trotwood Hamfest, this is the Really Big One!  (And
a great place to shop for your favorite VP’s birthday!)
>May 29
>Memorial Day Hamfest
>Maryland FM Association
>Howard County Fairgrounds
>West Friendship, MD 
>June 2-4
>Rochester Hamfest and Computer Show
>Monroe County Fairgrounds
>Rochester, NY 
>This is the really big one way up north; commonly referred to as
>June 4
>Ole Virginia Hams Manassas Hamfest
>Prince William County Fairgrounds
>Manassas, Va.
>Always the first Sunday in June.
>June 19
>Father's Day Hamfest
>Frederick ARC (FARC) 
>Frederick County Fairgrounds
>Frederick, MD 
>Usually a good hamfest; not so good in 2005 IMHO; but probably still worth
the drive. 
>July 23(assumed date)
>Maryland Hamfest and Computer Fest
>Baltimore Radio Amateur Television Society (BRATS)
>Howard County Fairgrounds
>West Friendship, MD 
>Formerly known as "Little Timonium," now much closer and still worth the
>August 6
>55th Annual Winchester Hamfest
>Shenandoah Valley Amateur Radio Club
>Clarke County Ruritan Fairgrounds
>Berryville, VA 
>Best all-around hamfest, with barbeque lunch alone worth the scenic drive
to the Valley 
>August 13
>7th Annual Carroll County Tailgate Fest 
>Carroll County Amateur Radio Club
>Westminster, MD 
>This is another long, long drive for a small fest, actually a swap fest. 
>September 1-3(assumed dates)
>Shelby Hamfest
>Shelby ARC
>Cleveland County Fairgrounds
>Shelby, NC 
>Really big one; Modestly referred to by organizers as "Grand-daddy of them
>September 9-10(assumed dates)
>49th Annual F.A.R.Fest
>Foundation for Amateur Radio
>Montgomery County Fairgrounds
>Gaithersburg, MD 
>Still trying to rebound to former grandeur; IMNSHO, best to go on Saturday. 
>October 1(assumed date)
>CARAFest (again)
>Howard Co. Fairgrounds
>West Friendship, MD 
>Next-to-last chance to stock up on hamfest goodies before winter sets in
>October 29
>Mason-Dixon Hamfest & Computer Show
>Carroll County Amateur Radio Club (K3PZN)
>Carroll County Agricultural Center
>Westminster, MD 
>http://para.k3dsm.net/ or http://para.buxcom.net 
>A small fest that is worth the long drive to see spectacular fall colors
en route 
>Meetings of the VWS Board of Directors are open to all, and all are
welcome.  The Board meets the 1st TUESDAY of each month at Vienna.
Meetings begin at 7:00 pm.  Give a call on the 146.685 repeater if you need
help getting there.
>Looking for information about the VWS?  Look no further.
>Ray Albers K2HYD - President, Director
>albersrs at verizon.net
>Jim Parsons W4JTP - Vice President, Newsletter Editor, Media Representative
>W4JTP at parsonage.net
>Len Hook KG6ZR – Secretary, Director
>lenhook at comcast.net
>Pete Norloff KG4OJT - Treasurer, Director
>kg4ojt at viennawireless.org
>Alan Bosch KO4ALA – T.J.H.S. Coordinator
>labosch at verizon.net
>Jim Richey AG4MA - Director
>jimrichey2 at juno.com
>Mike Steussy AE4R - Director, Program Coordinator
>ae4r at erols.com
>John Transue AF4PD - Trustee
>jtransue at cox.net
>Ben Gelb KF4KJQ - Webmaster
>ben at gelbnet.com
>Kurt Wehle WA4SMI - Training Coordinator
>opelnut at erols.com
>Dan Sullivan KO1D - Emergency Coordinator
>djs13 at hotmail.com
>And, you’ll always find plenty of good stuff at www.viennawireless.org. 
>73 es Go Seahawks!
>Jim W4JTP

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