Interference on 144.390

Iain McFadyen mcfadyenusa at
Tue Mar 7 23:38:08 CST 2006

As of midnight Tuesday night, and it appears this has been present since 6pm
this evening,...there is a repetitive continuous data signal on 144.390,
causing severe disruption to the APRS network in this area.

Can anyone with 2m beams please DF it and let me know the rough direction, and
your home location? 

I'm receiving it S9 on a discone at 145 feet in McLean (FM18jw).

It has been heard at S9 on an omni antenna in Sterling, and ...

...heard at S4 by a station at the intersection of Rt28 and Rt50.
(Centerville, VA).

Any assistance would be much appreciated. 

Iain   KI4HLV

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