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  Im a little out of the area for DF work, but it's nice to know someone cares. If you get close, try hunting on the second or third harmonic. Since those are supposed to be down 60 db, they won't overload your hunt receiver so quickly.
  As for a wide coverage noise, you might want to see who has a base station that's stuck. Is it ham packet data, or some kind of paging signal. If you can match the signal to some other transmitter, then call the company and ask them to check. If it's another ham bone, see who's APRS base station has not logged any users lately. A normal mobile won't cover that far, but one on a building might do that well. The Best DF tool is a well stocked phone directory.
  If I ever find it, I have my first major DF article nobody published it's called "ZEV and the art of direction finding" a pun on Zen and the art of motorcycle repair. Will have to dig that up.
  Jason and I are working on automating some of the doppler things in the world today.
  If your interested, I can go into detail. Did a lot of RDF back in New York. With the advent of inexpensive computers and GPS mapping sw, aim points can be calculated. Also thinking of a HUD (heads up display) for the map and the aim point on the wind shield. Now that's slick, an LCD built into the dash board displaying below the road horizon of the hood.
  About the APRS, is there one fool proof set of equipment that can be purchased. Done some looking around and have not been real happy. A GPS, TNC, Radio, and Antenna seem like a lot of work.
  What's about entry level.
  I saw one page where it was just a GPS some PIC controler and a transmitter. The thing diden't even lisiten to see if the channel was busy! It would data chirp every so often. Ive got a good mod to use Midland LMR radios adapted for Ham service. Scaring up a 30watt VHF radio is no effort, and programing it for channels is stone axe simple. They tune up easy. Been thinking about this for the car.
  What's the limit on APRS stuff. Is it a bi directinal service? Can messages be sent to me while mobile, like a vast store and foward kind of thing?
  Links, information, and articles welcome.
  The car project is coming along. Picked up a 'non standard', near classic, hot rod. It's a 88 Police Pack Dodge. Having a remanfactured engine and transmission installed, plus some other stuff to bring it up to 'stock'. 
  Looking for push bumpers and a pillar spot light. 
  Found some police style bucket seats. 
  This is going to be the platform for the RDF project, it will have a whole array of radio gear in it, and APRS is one part of the package. Hopefully I can turn it into a article for a slick ham magizine, like 73 or QST. That might be fun.
  Not much new to report here in greater down town Arab land.
  Later dude

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Today's Topics:

1. Interference on 144.390 (Iain McFadyen)


Message: 1
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2006 21:38:08 -0800 (PST)
From: Iain McFadyen 
Subject: Interference on 144.390
To: vws at mail.viennawireless.org, tacos at amrad.org,
farc at mailman.qth.net, n2csq at madxra.org
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As of midnight Tuesday night, and it appears this has been present since 6pm
this evening,...there is a repetitive continuous data signal on 144.390,
causing severe disruption to the APRS network in this area.

Can anyone with 2m beams please DF it and let me know the rough direction, and
your home location? 

I'm receiving it S9 on a discone at 145 feet in McLean (FM18jw).

It has been heard at S9 on an omni antenna in Sterling, and ...

...heard at S4 by a station at the intersection of Rt28 and Rt50.
(Centerville, VA).

Any assistance would be much appreciated. 


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