Fw: Ham Radio Cruise

Paul Rinaldo prinaldo at mindspring.com
Tue Mar 21 23:38:54 CST 2006

Paul, HB/W4RI

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>Subject: Ham Radio Cruise
>Dear Roanoke Division Members:
>Vernon Fix, W4THN, a member of the Division, has asked that I inform the
>Division of a ham radio cruise. If you are interested, please go to
>www.hamradiocruise2006.com and check it out.  The cruise will be going to
>Bermuda. He is funding two stations for general use and you can bring your
>own rigs if desired.  You need to obtain a license from Bermuda, (free)
>takes two days.  Power limit of 150 watts. For additional information Vernon
>may be contacted as follows:
>Vernon Fix, W4THN
>Email= w4thn at arrl.net
>ARRL Roanoke Division
>Director: Dennis Bodson, W4PWF
>w4pwf at arrl.org
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