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Fri Mar 24 11:23:30 CST 2006

Taco Eaters,

Some of us remember the introduction of the swept back wings on high 
performance aircraft.  Back then, the wings were straight but then the 
swept back wings just looked really fast.  Good idea.

Then, some people just could not make up their minds on how much to 
sweep the wings back.  The TFX, now known as the FB-111 introduced 
movable wings so the sweep back angle could be changed in flight as the 
speed and mission needed different settings.  Another good idea.

Then, NASA had this experimental plane which was flown by computer and 
the wings swept forward.  Without the computer, the plane was unflyable 
but had some useful characteristics.  Amazing that they could do it at all!

Then, I think it was NASA, a plane was built with one wing swept forward 
and one wing swept back.  Somehow, the thing would fly, probably only 
under computer control although I don't know.  Just plain goofy!

Now, leave it to Northrup to remove the fuselage to get a new flying 
wing thingy that flys with one wingtip far forward of the other. (Yaw 
always was a problem with the old flying wing.  "Its not a bug, its a 
feature".) Not only that, they cannot make up their minds so the "yaw" 
angle can be varied in flight.  And finally, DARPA has actually funded 
this fine flying machine.  ~~~~Stunned in the dust cloud of advancing 

Perhaps a proposal from AMRAD for a supersonic flying outhouse along the 
lines of a high tech jet powered Snoopy's doghouse  would be  in order.


and see

Frank K0BRA

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