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>Subject: RCARC Hamfest 2006
>    We would like to take a moment and spread the word that the 
>Rockingham County Amateur Radio Club will be hosting their 2nd annual 
>Hamfest & Computer Show on May 13, 2006. Even though this is a new 
>event, our 2005 Hamfest had an excellent turnout and we are looking for 
>this year to be even bigger and better!
>    We would like to ask that if possible that you could make 
>announcements in your Club, Newsletter, or area Nets of this event to 
>help us spread the word. We have a special webpage located on our Club 
>Website with more information on the Hamfest and also a downloadable 
>flyer and pre-registration information at  
>    In short, this Hamfest will be held May 13, 2006 from 8:00AM to 
>3:00PM at the Liberty Baptist Church located just off Hwy 14 between 
>Eden and Reidsville. We have several main prizes lined up and working on 
>a number of hourly prizes as well. Food will be served on location. We 
>will offer both indoor and flea market area on a first come, first serve 
>    We hope that you will have the chance to visit with us for the 
>Hamfest. Thank you for helping us spread the word about the event.
>    73
>    Dal Williams    W4YQY
>    Rockingham County Amateur Radio Club Inc/N4IV    http://www.rcarc.com 
>w4yqy at rcarc.com <mailto:w4yqy at rcarc.com>

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