Spam ? - Thursday's AMRAD Meeting

Frank Gentges fgentges at
Wed Apr 12 10:58:40 CDT 2006

Don't forget the AMRAD meeting this coming Thursday. Dick Parks will 
talk on the technology of Non-Cooperative Target Recognition of Air 
Targets (NCTR).  You can read his entertaining biographic information at:

As an added incentive to attend, I will bring along a homebrew receiver 
built around 1938 from the article in the October 1938 QST entitled "A 
Low-Cost Single-Signal Receiver" by George Grammer, W1DF.  It was built 
by Dr. Al Russel, W9VOD while living on the plains in Wall,  South 
Dakota.  He made use of local materials where possible and only ordered 
those special parts where they were essential and unavailable locally.  
It is an interesting look back on living at that time with ham radio.

While not on this receiver, he trained his children to help wind 
transformers and keep count of the number of turns.  Excellent training 
for life in the working world.

Frank K0BRA

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