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Frank Gentges fgentges at
Mon Apr 17 09:55:26 CDT 2006

Nice to hear from Shannon.  Long time since we have heard from you.

I prefer my potatoes baked at 400 degrees, butter, bacon, chives with 
salt and pepper.

After all this hard work, pathetically few watt-hours of energy, this 
industrious fellow has rendered 500 pounds of potentially delicious 
baked potatoes inedadable.

This says nothing of two bags of fine zinc and copper nails but I 
suppose they can still be used to build bird houses for homeless birds 
or some such benevolent project.

This reminds me of resolving difficult engineering tradeoffs by 
examining the "crap to worth ratio".

Frank K0BRA

Robert E.Seastrom wrote:
> If you don't dig up the potatoes, you can use them as a ground too.
>                                         ---rob
> Shannon Mishey <smishey at> writes:
>>This gives a whole new perspective to QRP, QRP Potato?  Wonder how many points an HF rig attached to this array would bring in on Field Day :)
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